Hi! I’m Albe, a visual artist specializing in video making and graphic design.

a self portrait
trying to make the best of digital noise

I studied fine arts and philosophy in Florence, film and media in Bologna. I worked in Amsterdam, where I acquired experience about new media art, graphic design and video editing.

In my artistic work I make use of mixed media – especially mass electronic technologies – in a a way often incongruous to their ordinary purpose, aiming to combine the irrational aspect of science with the rational aspect of art.



2013 >
Visual Artist
artworks creation and art exhibitions

2012 >
Front-end Developer
HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, Jquery, WordPress

2010 >
artistic photography, documentation of events

2008 >
Video Maker, Video Editor
documentaries, video clips, commercials
Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Kdenlive, Lightworks, Premiere

2008 >
Graphic Designer
web sites, promotional material
Darktable, Gimp, ImageMagick, Photoshop

1982 >
Other Skills | founded an art collective | promoted it through social media | thinkering with Gnu/Linux since 2004 | built and managed own VPS | speak an intelligible english, emphasize Italian accent just for fun | geek for movie, comics and computers | café philosopher | cat person | Open Source fanatic enthusiast

Work Experience

Bron by Ruudt Peters
Conceptual video realized for the contemporary jeweler in occasion of his retrospective exhibition – Amsterdam, Nederland

2015 >
Graphic design, photography, website design and programming, video shooting and editing, documentation of events – Firenze, Italy

Did He? by Bitch and Monk
Photographic backstage for the videoclip of the music band Bitch and Monk

Video editing of the documentary for Associazione RiverArt, Associazione Artefice, Unione Comuni Valdisieve – Firenze, Italy

2013 > 2016
Concept, project, setup, art direction, promotion, social media management, documentation of art exhibitions and events – Firenze, Italy

La Fuga
Production assistant for the film by Sandra Vannucchi – Pistoia and Rome, Italy

Three Artists Walk Into A Bar
Video documentation of the art festival for De Appel Museum – Amsterdam, Nederland

Hemp Museum
Videomaking and graphic design of promotional material – Amsterdam, Nederland

Intern for setup of multimedia and art exhibitions – Amsterdam, Nederland

Video documentation of the event for Gemeente Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Nederland

Scuola elementare Carlo Collodi
Teacher of history and techniques of animation films – Pistoia, Italy

Comune di Pistoia
National population and housing census – Pistoia, Italy


Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Bachelor’s degree in DAMS (media studies) – Bologna, Italy

Università degli Studi di Firenze
Philosophy courses – Firenze, Italy

Liceo Artistico Leon Battista Alberti
High school diploma in fine arts – Firenze, Italy

Art Exhibitions

Almanacco Migratorio (third edition)
collective exhibition and artists residency
Argentiera, Sassari, Italy

Flower’s // File of Life
collective exhibiton curated by IlGattaRossa
NoSpace, viale Petrarca 60r, Firenze, Italy

L’Arte dello Schermo
collective videoart exhibiton curated by IlGattaRossa
Via dei Serragli 75c, Firenze, Italy

Almanacco Migratorio (first edition)
collective exhibition and artists residency
Argentiera (SS), Italy

Mnemonic City // Firenze
collective exhibiton curated by Magma and IlGattaRossa
Via dei Serragli 75c, Firenze, Italy

GattaRossa Coming Soon: Allegoria del viaggio
collective exhibiton curated by Sara Bandini e Carlotta Mazzoli
Ex Frantoio di San Domenico, San Miniato (PI), Italy

collective exhibiton curated by Danilo Sensi
Museo Nazionale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna, Arezzo, Italy